Getting Ready to Attend High School? Interested in a New School?
Explore all of our high schools in one convenient location, meet our students and learn about the many programs, clubs and services offered!
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Experience High School
Exactly what you want! Graduating Student
Your high school experience will be with you the rest of your life.  Make it the greatest experience possible.  Our high schools have it all – more classes, more specialized programs, more support and more opportunities than any other school district.  Make new friends and hang with your old friends; create memories; EXPAND your horizons; EXPLORE your future; EXPRESS yourself and EXCEED your expectations.  This is an exciting time for you.  Our job is to prepare every student for success in college, career and life.  Your job is to take advantage of all Phoenix Union has to offer.  ENROLL with us and you’ll have the EXPERIENCE of a Lifetime.


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